To promote open houses, the top method of communication used was hardly a shocker: social media. Email blasts and print advertising were also highly selected by respondents as methods of promotion. San Diego Real Estate Agents also indicated many other left-of-center methods for drawing in potential buyers, including gift card raffles and other giveaways, a wine tasting, and a “sneak-peek” BBQ held the night before. Other responses were far left-of-center: one agent hired a sign holder and dressed him in a dog costume, and another held a “Where’s Waldo”-style game, with a hidden garden gnome in the house – whoever found him first won a special prize. Creativity seems key when hosting an open house, and the more unique ideas agents bring to the table, the greater the result, according to the responses.

The real estate agent you choose to help you sell your home is your main partner over the course of the sales process. This means you should be thorough in your decision making process before you pick just anybody to be your agent. Get recent references, interview several candidates and avoid picking anyone who gives you a bad vibe. Your Realtor will be the first defense against any problems that may arise during an open house, so you want to be able to trust him or her completely.