Ready to buy a home? Make the most of open house visits

Here are some tips to get the most out of your open house visit:

Do your homework

Unless you’ve stumbled upon an open house while on a drive, take time to research the home you’re going to visit online.

Crash the brokers’ tour

Often, an real estate agent hired to sell a home in Palm Springs will offer buyers’ agents an opportunity to visit the property ahead of the initial open house. This so-called brokers’ tour typically happens midweek, during business hours. But if you can make it, it’s a good way to get a look at the home ahead of other prospective buyers, giving you extra time to consider making an offer before the broader open house.

Put up signs. In addition to putting a sign on your front lawn, put signs at major intersections directing people to the house. Tying balloons to the Palm Springs Real Estate Open House signs makes them more visible.